PinPoint II R

PinPoint II R is a multi-strategy system for fault finding and testing circuit boards. It’s intuitive and fast to learn, providing maximum fault coverage, achieved through multiple test strategies.

This system tests all types of device technology using advanced pin electronics.  It has up to 240 digital dynamic test channels, and up to 15MHz data rate.  High and consistent data rates ensure more thorough testing of a device to find more faults. Also, a number of features built in - DMM, waveform generator, oscilloscope, counter-time, shorts locator, Performance Test Module, LCR bridge, Analog Signature Analysis, programmable power supplies - allow you to find more faults.

PinPoint II R conforms to the Defence Standard 00-53 for the safe test of any device. It includes an extensive library of device functional test routines including Western and Russian devices, and integral reverse engineering of schematic diagrams for testing circuits that don’t have information. Fixtureless tests allow for immediate use without requiring a test fixture to be made, and it easily integrates with instrumentation for extended analog functional testing.

Other features include an Instrument Strategizer which allows graphic programming of external integrated instruments, immediate graphic programming of instruments with VISA drivers and use of ‘C’ code within the graphical test program.

Test Methods include:

  • In-circuit
  • Functional edge
  • Boundary scan
  • Cluster
  • Analog
  • Mixed signal
  • Analog signature (VI)
  • CPU assisted
  • Fixtureless
  • Bed-of-Nails
  • Reverse schematic generation.


PinPoint Alpha
Designed from the outset with modularity and scalability in mind, the PinPoint Alpha system is flexible, adaptable and modular, allowing you to apply different test methods as and when you need.

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