PinPoint Alpha

PinPoint is an affordable high specification test system which can be upgraded with functionality and performance as required, offering scalable architecture and performance. It is available in 3 slot (PinPoint Alpha) or 10 slot (PinPoint Sigma) options.

Intuitive and fast to learn, PinPoint Alpha provides maximum fault coverage through multiple test strategies.

PinPoint Alpha has a small footprint, and is portable for use where needed. It tests all types of device technology using advanced pin electronics. Key features include:

  • Up to 144 dynamic Universal test channels
  • Up to 192 Digital test channels
  • 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz or 25MHz digital test rate options

The advanced functionality includes DMM, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Oscilloscope, Counter-Timer, Shorts Locator, Performance Test Module, LCR bridge, Analog Signature Analysis, Programmable power supplies - allowing you to find more faults.


All tests are completed within 20 ms for safe testing of devices. The fixtureless test offers immediate use without requiring a test fixture to be made. An extensive library of device functional test routines are available which includes Western and Russian devices. Test Methods include:

  • In-circuit
  • Functional edge
  • Boundary scan
  • Cluster
  • Analog
  • Mixed signal
  • Analog signature (VI)
  • Fixtureless


PinPoint II R
The PinPoint II R provides industry leading capability for the test and fault finding of the most challenging circuits. Allowing you to select and apply different test techniques on a single circuit, you can ensure comprehensive fault coverage.

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